Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Part 3 of my adventures this fall landed me in Boston and New York City. Those are two places I have always wanted to go, but never thought I'd go. But I did. And I loved it!

I flew to Boston and met up with Gen at the airport and we just hung around Boston. Krista, the girl I was staying with, got off work so we headed to the store and got stuff to make for dinner and cookies. They were for one of the boys in sherwood. It was his birthday the next day and he said he didn't think I would remember, but I did and even made him cookies. I don't really recall much of what happened the rest of that night... I guess we slept. The next day we got up and got ready and went to the venue and got in line. Security took our names and we got numbers. The walk started, but it was only Zac and Isaac. They didn't say where Taylor was but I figured he was sick. We walked the streets of Boston and at some point sherwood pulled into town in their huge bus and came running down the street to catch up with us. I found David, the sherwood boy, and gave him his birthday cookies (which were a little bit burnt. [and I call myself a baker?!]) Then we got in line... genius Lauren here didn't realize we had balcony seats so we were in a completely different line than everyone else. We went and grabbed some food, I went to u-food. I wish we had those here, I would eat there every single day of my life. After we ate we went to the Red Sox shop and I got a shirt and a hat for my sweet nephew. Finally it was time for doors. We went up to the balcony and enjoyed the show from there. It was a different experience. I really liked it. We could sit down and go to the bathroom without fear of losing our spot. The openers did their normal setlists and then it was time for hanson. Taylor had a difficult time hitting notes. Isaac and Zac were definitely trying to over compensate for him. Before 'Crazy Beautiful' I saw Taylor mouth to the other two he couldn't sing. Well, the crowd took over. It was awesome. We knew all the lyrics and you could just tell that the guys loved it as much as we loved doing it. We waited a bit by the buses but then left around midnight so we could catch the T (the Boston train).

 Let's play spot Forrest. (Hint he;s in the orange hat in the middle.)

We got back to Krista's and packed for New York. Our bus was leaving at 7 so we had to be at the Port Authority (I think that's what it's called) at 6. Well................ After sprinting off the T we didn't quiet get there in time and we missed the bus. The guy running the line was nice and told us we would get on the next bus. The ride was about 4 hours. We got there and figured out where we were. We joined Zac and Isaac again on the walk. Taylor wasn't there again. It was the weirdest walk I've ever been on. Zac was in the street at one point and then we broke up into completely separate groups. It was SO cold and it was rainy. We had to walk pretty fast just to keep up with him. He didn't really stop and there was no mid way speech. We got back to the venue and just sort of looked at each other. Once Isaac and his group got back they talked and helped people register for the walk. We decided that since it was cold and rainy and people had been there for days that we weren't going to stay in line. We walked around the city, met up with one of Krista's sisters and then got some pizza. It was finally time for doors and we got in and somehow managed to get ourselves up to the 2nd row. New York City was the weirdest show on tour. Like, there is really no other way to explain it. Gen met us at the venue and was with us during the show. At one point she got pushed and knocked to the ground, there was a fight that took place and I don't even know what else. During hellogoodbye's set this girl asked to get up on stage and did the snake and then attempted to dirty dance with one of the guitarists before she finally got taken off stage by their tech. Then the guy that pushed Gen and started a bunch of crap with people around us ended up on stage. He ended up getting booed off stage. Then it was Hanson's set. Zac made a comment about how weird the show was too. Someone else saw it too. New York youre such a weird city. Some point during the show Taylor admitted that he had the flu and was still feeling pretty crappy. Yeah swine flu will do that to you. After the show we decided to wait by the buses, I told Krista I would stay with her because she had never stayed before. We waited until like 2:30 and Krista got a picture with Zac. We finally made it to her sister's apartment in Queens and we crashed. The next day we woke up and just spent the day exploring and shopping. It wasn't raining so that made the cold bearable. After having dinner with her sister we went to port authority to catch our bus back to Boston. Our bus driver was going to stop and let us get out to grab something to eat or whatever, but we got caught in traffic for over an hour. Being the clever driver that he is he used an iphone and maneuvered his way through this tiny town and back to the main street by passing the traffic. Can I just mention that I felt like I was in a scary movie at that time? It was so strange. We finally did make it back to Boston in one piece. We decided that since my flight was early and I had to be there even earlier it would be pointless for us to sleep. So we didn't. I got on all the first flights out and I made it home before 4.

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