Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Since Halloween shows are a rarity with Hanson we decided to take the trek to Houston. It was 9 hours from my house. (9 very long  hours I might add.) Michelle drove down and we headed out. We arrived in Houston sometime around 9 and we went and found the line. This was around the same time that security (of the pavilion not the house of blues) told us we were not allowed to sit down. Yeah. You heard right. We were not allowed to sit down and we were told if we were caught sitting down we would be kicked out of line. Michelle and I were exhausted so we had people hold our spots in line and we went to the car and napped. We slept a few hours and when we came back we got wrist bands showing that we were some of the first people there. We did the walk with the boys, and just kind of hung out the rest of the day. Since it was a halloween show I decided to dress up. I was a cowgirl with boots and all. I was going to wear jeans, but it was so hot that I just wore shorts instead. We got inside and we were 2nd row. It was such a fun show. Sherwood dressed up like Robin Hood, King John, Merry Men, The Sheriff, Maid Marian (a girl, not a boy) and the Sherwood forest. Steel Train dressed up like Jersey Trash... basically they just had trash on them, hellogoodbye dressed up as the misfits and had an epic ending with hellogoodbye balloons. Hanson dressed up as the three amigos and they were in character all night. The show ended with Hanson's cover of 'Thriller' which included everyone on the tour doing the dance led by Taylor.After the show we went to the buses and talked to our favorites...Sherwood and hellogoodbye. We left and took the journey back to Tulsa.  

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