Monday, February 15, 2010

So I'm growing my hair out. Well, I have been since about February of last year when I had a traumatic hair cut and the stylist took off at least 5 inches. It was like a chili bowl! I curled my hair and wore head bands and ribbons in it all the time to make it appear less chili bowl boy and owned it. But it was so traumatic that I haven't had an actual hair cut since then. I had been growing my hair prior to getting the dramatic haircut, but grew impatient and chopped it on a whim. I have always wanted long hair, but always grow impatient during the long process of hair growing. That is why my hair has been short 90% of my life.

Casey, my BFFL, and I always say that we're growing our hair out Repunzel long. But once again I am growing bored with my hair and want to chop it, or color it, or something. It is very difficult to resist the temptation to change it and get a new hair style, but I'm trying to be stronger this time and actually achieve my goal of 1. Have my hair longer than Zac Hanson's (Which just happened because he cut his hair into a very short style) 2. Have my hair past my shoulders 3. Look awesome. 4. BRAID! I have wanted to be able to put my hair into one regular braid for as long as I can remember, but it's usually short and ends up looking ridiculous with hair falling out of the braid when I attempt to do it. But not anymore! Today I put my hair in a braid and only used one bobbie pin to keep it in! I can't decide if it was because my hair was so greasy or if it's long enough to stay in a braid. Guess I'll have to try again to know my answer. I'll keep posted on the length of my hair. Since it's so interesting and all to everyone.

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