Friday, December 10, 2010

October has been my favorite month for the past few years because they have been so fun and busy. My favorite band starting informing us that they were going to be doing a Fan Club only event sometime in October, and at first I just sort of brushed it off since my month was already full and I figured it would be somewhere I wouldn't be able to go or whatever, but they finally announced it and the day was October 31st in Tulsa. Uh?? Yes please!! Katie and I RSVPed as soon as possible. Kira told me that she would be flying in from California to come and Jenny (friend from Chicago) was thinking about coming too. I invited Jenny to come stay in OKC and ride with us to Tulsa to save her some money. She did end up coming down from Indiana. Since it was on Halloween the band let us know that there would be a costume contest. Being as crazy for Halloween as I am I jumped at that. A couple of days of brain storming, lots of rejected ideas and we all came to a unanimous decision: we were going to be treasure trolls. Do you remember treasure trolls?

Treasure Trolls! 
So the plan was to get nude colored body suits, somehow stick our hair up, wear the chosen color tutu and some how make a jeweled belly. We went to dance stores and got nude colored, unitards which are long sleeves and long tights. We made the tutus out of tulle and elastic waist band stuff and we bought colored hair dye. Since my hair is short I figured it wouldn't be too difficult to stick up, and really it wasn't. Kira got a wig and wore that, but Jenny and Katie both have long hair, so we were in a bit of a pickle. We googled how to stick the hair up and the solution was to put a cup in the middle of the head while upside and put a hair tye around to secure. It worked perfect. And it looked even better after the hair color was sprayed on. As for the jeweled belly I found these little rhinestones at hobby lobby in packs of like 12, so I got those and we hot glued them to our unitards. We wore tan shoes, bronzer, rosy blush and lots of eye shadow. Our costumes came out AWESOME. For real. Hands down the best costume I've ever worn. 

We went to see my nephew at their church trunk or treat so we all went. So many people stopped us to take pictures or to let us know that our costumes were awesome. Afterwards we went and ate then headed to the venue. We entered ourselves in the costume contest for group. Once inside and situated we were informed that we had been selected as group finalists!! Yeah! So we got up on stage with the other finalists and Zac. It was so nerve racking being up on stage in front of so many people. Oh did I mention they were live streaming it as well? Yeah. We stood up there and Zac went on and on about how brave we were and how we looked naked. The winner was going to be done via online so we went to work recruiting friends to vote for us and we would find out at the end of the show who won. We enjoyed the show like always and then the announcement for the winners came. We didn't end up winning. We lost to Old Women Hanson fans and a Madeline (the French girl) and Lucy (from Peanuts) group- relevant because Hanson has songs called Madeline and Lucy. We were bummed, but there wasn't anything we could do about it. So we headed out the door and went to the car. We had incidentally parked right in front of Hanson's office and as we were getting in the car, which was a task for Katie and Jenny since their hair was so tall and my car is so little, Taylor starts to go into the office. But before he went all the way inside he stopped us and said "I just wanted to let you guys know that your costume was awesome. Seriously. You should have won." Then Zac came out of nowhere and was like "Yeah, you guys were so brave and plus your costume is original." Jenny, the shiest, managed to get out "I have a cup in my hair"! We all laughed and we parted ways and couldn't believe that had actually happened. We went to Ihop then headed back to OKC, knowing that 2/3 of Hanson would have given us the group costume win. 

Love, Lauren

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