Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Today is going to be the post about what I spent my fall doing. I'm pretty excited to do a recap of this. I think I'm going to split this post up because there was just SO much that happened. So this is part 1 of...99? (Jk, I hope.)

So if you know me even a little bit you know that my favorite band is Hanson. Yes, the mmmbop Hanson. They are incredible musicians and have a larger catalog than just mmmbop. Anyway, they've been my favorite band since I was 8 years old and I was lucky enough to see them 3 times in 97&98, 1 time in 2005, 3 times in 2008 and 15 times in 2009.

The tour was called the Use Your Sole Tour and before every show Hanson did a barefoot one mile walk with their fans. For every mile walked the band would donate a dollar on your behalf to their charityHellogoodbye was the co-headliner, and Steel Train and Sherwood were the openers. 

The first show of the tour, and that I went to was in Tulsa. Michelle came down from STL for the show. We got in line at like noon that day and weren't too concerned about being front row. I mean, people had been camping out 3 days prior to that. I wasn't even about to do that. We did the walk with the boys and just kind of hung out and made friends in line. My sister, Shelby, came to the show as well since she got a ticket from me for her birthday. (Don't let her fool you, she loves hanson and has seen them 6 times.) It was finally show time and we ended up somewhere between 3rd and 4th row, and we ended up around really decent fans. Which, if you know the fan base in anyway you know how catty the fans can get. (I'm pretty sure it's worse than other fan bases for whatever reason.) We ended up making friends with a girl named Katie. The show was great, and we were off to the next stop. St. Louis. And yes we were leaving Tulsa at 1am to go there. 

We get to STL sometime around 8 in the morning and we go to Michelle's to shower and get something to eat and then we headed to St.Louis University for the walk. We met up with Morgen and some other people, but really Morgen is the only one worth mentioning. She and I ended up walking with Taylor and I almost got smacked in the head with his megaphone. The walk was pretty small thanks to the rain, but it was still a good walk. (Even if the cobblestone made my feet burn and want to cut them off.) After the walk we headed to the venue and got wrist bands. The venue honors the wrist bands number system so we didn't have to worry about hanging around the venue to make sure our numbers were being honored. We walked around the area a bit grabbed something to eat and just hung out. The security at the venue started lining people up numerically and let us in one at a time. (Which was a nice change because that meant I wasn't getting passed by people who were running to get a better spot than you.) So we get in and we're around 2nd/3rd/4th row. The show was great once again. After being stuck at the STL airport and having to hop on a plane to Iowa I finally arrived home for Casey's wedding rehearsal, dinner and last night as a single lady. We got crazy at the hookah bar. Ok, not really we were there for maybe an hour and then went to her house and watched movies and fell asleep.

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