Thursday, January 28, 2010

rain rain go away..

I was almost convinced that this winter storm wasn't going to happen. But around 8 this morning it started raining. I was let off work 7 hours early. I ran a few quick errands and then headed home, where I've been for the past 9 hours. Pretty much isolated in my room. I slept some, watched a few movies and now I'm just sort of doing whatever. I might work tomorrow and I might not. It all depends on the weather. I'm not too scared of driving in ice anymore. I had a lot of experience with it over Christmas break and as long as I'm driving slow enough I'm alright. I need to work. I need to start saving my pennies for New York City because that trip is coming up very soon.

I'm totally over winter (big surprise there, right?) I wish it was spring and summer. Summer is definitely my favorite season by far. Even if it does get 100+ here in Oklahoma. I love it. I think because I was born at the end of July in south Texas. :)



  1. The groundhog will be the only one to tell us Winter's next move.

  2. I'm over it too, I really really hate ice. uh. oh well. I'm very jeal that you get to go to the 5 and 5 shows. Like crazy. But I really hope you give me a concert call I'll make a list LOL JK. BRING ON SUMMER!