Sunday, April 4, 2010

It's been a while.  Not that I think anyone reads this unless I tell them to. :-\

Anyway it's been a super busy past few months. I've been working like crazy. My trip to New York is almost here.. it's 3 weeks away and I am STOKED! I bought my ticket for the 2nd day of Bamboozle in New Jersey today. It is going to be AWESOME.

Today is Easter. How did I celebrate the resurrection of Christ? By working, of course. I worked at a church this morning with a bunch of other babysitters. I was in the 4 year old class. I really enjoy 4 year olds. They are old enough to tell you what they need/want, they don't usually need your help in the bathroom, you can talk to them and get responses, and they are still young enough to still want to sit on your lap or hold your hand while walking. I think 4 is my favorite age.  Anyway...

My dear friend Katie and I went and saw Steel Train in Stl on Friday, and then Copeland on Saturday in Tulsa. They were great shows. I think I would have enjoyed Copeland's way more if I wasn't 1) exhausted from the drive 2) Where I was standing. Seriously, some people just have no consideration for other people at shows..... I say that and I've been in crazy crowds for Hanson!!


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  1. I read your blog! I have it in my aggreggator and I see every time you post!

    Also, yes, 4 year olds. I'm helping teach the 4 year old class at MemRd on Sunday mornings and it is the BEST. It is kind of out of control (like today when they all had donuts and Easter candy before class), but I always have SO much fun. They have so many interesting things to say!

    PS So jealous of Copeland. I really wish I could've been there.