Monday, April 19, 2010

My iphone might meet his tragic end tomorrow.

I have finally set up an appointment with the genius bar, and I have a pretty strong feeling they might laugh in my face. Ok, so I dropped my phone back in December whenever I was walking a dog and my phone slipped out of my pocket on to the pavement. The screen had tons of shatters and I was just going to wait until I saved up for a 3gs. So in my mind, it was no big deal. Just a shattered screen. Well, fast forward to last Friday when Katie and I were at gap. Gap has hardwood floors and I somehow managed to let the phone slip out of my hand and it loosened up the already shattered screen. Pieces of glass started falling out and there is a pretty good sized chunk of screen missing at the top left corner of my phone. I don't really want to pay for a new phone/screen because I'm going to get the cool new futuristic iphone when it comes out, so I'm hoping that my some miracle that they are like here is a new phone girl. Any tips for acquiring a new phone from those geniuses for free? (It does have a crack on the back :-\ )


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