Sunday, April 18, 2010

One week until I'll be in New York City! I'm so excited!!!!!!! This week is going to be busy getting everything ready for my Sunday departure. I hope this week FLIES by!!!

On Saturday Katie, Allison and I went to Guestroom Records for Record Store Day. It was also Blue 7's 7th's Birthday so we went over there for a bit, we also went to Big Truck Tacos and cuppies. I got Elton John on vinyl, and the format and hanson's first album on cd. It was a pretty successful RSD even if Guestroom didn't have steel train or fun's vinyl. Oh well.

There isn't really much to say... I'm officially moving sometime in June. I'm staying in the Okc area and I'll be living with my friend Molly. I really think it'll be for the better.


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