Monday, May 24, 2010

Counting dots, kissing walls, saying prayers, flicking jaws, eating colors, nothing black, wouldn't touch it, touch me bad.

I've been changing my blog for a while tonight. I think I like the way it came out. I renamed it. I really like the name. I feel like it's really relevant to me, especially right now. I say that because I've been traveling a lot lately and meeting people that automatically assume that people from Oklahoma are all hicks and that we live in teepees on reservations. To that I say ignorant.

I'm about to move this week. I guess technically it's next week, but whatever. It's soon! I'm pretty excited! It's a 3 bedroom house and I'm going to be living with some pretty wonderful people. It's in a good part of town in a nice neighborhood and just has a better feel than where I'm currently living. I'm also super excited to decorate! I plan on making a trip to Ikea at some point this summer.

Speaking of summer I've got lots of summer plans! I'm so stoked!!!

June I'm seeing mewithoutyou in Okc, July I'm seeing Steel Train in Texas. Plus it's my birthday month!!!! And I'm going to have a great birthday this year. August I'm going to see Hanson in Stl, KC, Omaha, Chicago and Tulsa. The Chicago shows are going to be my birthday celebration shows. It's going to be great. Ok, that's all for now.