Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The worst show and the best show.

Tuesday morning Kira and I got up and went to the Empire State Building. We got there and there was only a few people there (probably since it was a Tuesday.) Once we got through security we went right on up to the observation deck. 85 stories. It was windier than I expected. I'm not sure what I was expecting but it was cooler than what I thought. We paid the 50 cents and looked through the binoculars. We could see all of lower Manhattan, New Jersey, the Hudson.. it was neat. After the Empire State Building we grabbed some more Pizza and then went shopping! We went to Macy's in herald square, which was 5 stories! It was so cool. Then we decided we wanted to go to this place called Century 21. We didn't think it was going to be all that far so we hopped on a subway and made our way down to lower Manhattan. Surprise. We had hit the subway AT RUSH HOUR and Century 21 was like 6 stops away! When we did get there we were a bit surprised that it was literally right across the street from where the World Trade Center had once stood. After that we got in line and we were already a block and a half away from the door... that night we ended up in the back row of the balcony. I was perfectly alright with that because this night This Time Around was my least favorite album. We hit merch up that night and kind of took it easy this night. (Aside from my beer exploding on Kira. SORRY) This was honestly the worst show. The guys hardly acknowledged that the crowd was even there. They kept talking to the live stream people, which kind of did make me mad, but whatever. After the show we headed back to the hotel and tried to go to bed so that we could wake up early so we could wake up early to see a taping of the Martha Stewart show.

Wednesday morning Kira and I woke up and got ready and headed to Chelsea so we could see the Martha Stewart show. We got there and the people that worked for the show instantly recognized us as the "Hanson Fan Group." It made us all feel important and pretty cool. Once we were allowed inside and got our tickets we had to sit and go through instructions and rules. Finally it was time to go into the studio. We were right up front and Joey, the guy that is sometimes shown on the show and the crowd warm up guy introduced us as the Hanson Fan Group and the most interesting group they've had to a taping. Brendan Fraiser was the guest of the day, and someone from Everyday Foods made food with Martha. Actually, Martha didn't really do anything except make fun of an audience member (which was funny) and boss people around. I guess that's what you get to do when you're the boss of everyone in the room. We got Martha Stewart glass drinking cups. (They were a nightmare carrying around the airport) After the taping and getting split up from part of the group we all met back up and got in line for the Underneath show. I was extra stoked because this is my very favorite album, of any band, ever. We got seats in the front row balcony again, right behind the sound guys. It was such a good show. Seriously. Maybe it's because Underneath is my favorite album, but it was just perfect. They acted like we were there too! (Sad that I even had to say that.) If I had to relive any of the nights, it would definitely be this night. Zac ended the show by playing Lullabelle, and it really was the cherry on top of a perfect musical evening.

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