Wednesday, June 2, 2010

"Shout it out, shout it out, so everybody can hear..."

We woke up early on Thursday-- me, Kira, Colleen and Caylen and we headed to the Pulitzer Fountain on the upper East side, that is, after a quick trip through central park. This was the day we went on the Sex and the City tour of the city. It was easily one of the highlights of the trip. Since we got there early we had some time to kill, and just our luck we were right by FAO Schwartz. Of course we went in. I was looking for something awesome for my nephew, Gabriel, but I didn't find anything. We did get to see the creepy baby doll display that has them behind a window-- giving the illusion of an actual nursery at a hospital. They also had make your own muppets!!! It was cool and I would've made one, but we didn't really have time/I didn't want to spend a zillion dollars on it. So I didn't.

It was finally time for the tour. I will say if you don't know the series than you probably wouldn't enjoy it nearly as much as I did, but it is still a really cool tour because you pay $42 for a 3.5 hour tour of the upper East side and the west village. Some of the things we got the pleasure of seeing were... the sex shop where Charlotte buys herself a present, the church where Samantha met the friar, the restaurant that the wedding rehearsal dinner was at for Big and Carrie's wedding, Aiden and Steve's bar (Which was located in Little Italy, and we got to eat some fantastic pizza) SoHo, we got to eat free cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery, and just random spots used for the movie and the series. We had a really fun and funny tour guide and she really made it all the better. After the tour we headed to the venue and got in line.... Got our spot like we had the past few nights... enjoyed the show, met some new friends outside afterward... went back to the hotel and waited for Vanessa to arrive! 

The next day we checked out of the hotel and went to New Jersey and checked into our hotel there. Nothing too exciting happened this day... We then went back to the venue and waited in line. 2 of us got the spots we had had the whole time, and the other girls sat in the row directly behind us. This was the Shout it Out Show-- a record that comes out June 8th. It's a funky and upbeat album and it had me dancing literally the entire show. The show ended with some covers.. Never Been to Spain, Shake a Tail Feather, Gimmie Some Lovin'... and it was just an over all good night and great way to end the 5 of 5. Afterwards we got in another cab and went back to New Jersey and chilled. I wish we would have went out, but oh well. It was still plenty of fun. 

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