Friday, October 29, 2010

I'm back.

So i accidently took a break for 3 months. But I decided to revamp and start updating, because I think my life is pretty interesting.

Quick recap on summer from where I left off..
We (me, Katie and Samantha) saw Hanson at a local radio station, and it was fun. I had a great 22nd birthday party. It was Lady GaGa themed... nearly everyone dressed up and it was awesome.
3 of my room mates had birthdays, we saw Hanson in Chicago x 2, we saw Hanson again in Tulsa, I started practicing with one of the local roller derby teams, My nephew turned 1, Katie and I went to Portland, OR to see Steel Train and fun. Those are the biggest things that happened this summer. Roller Derby basically owned my life in September because I really wanted to get better quickly, and I did gain a lot of skills and confidence on my skates.

We have try outs November 21st, so I've got a bit of work to do before now and then. Katie and I are going to Houston to see Steel Train and fun (again) because we love them. But this time the good groupie will be with us.


  1. I'm still super impressed that you're doing derby - I'm definitely going to come to bouts this year. Because that sounds really fun and crazy and probably like the best time ever.

  2. Heck yes she'll be with you at the Houston show! Very much looking forward to it too, I need some concert/music/girl time. :)