Wednesday, December 8, 2010

In late August Hanson made the final stop to the first leg of their tour in Tulsa. Miranda came up from Houston to see them too. We didn't really wait in line, we just sort of went in near doors. We had a spot near the back, which was ok because it gave us plenty of room to dance and we could go to the bar and bathroom as we wanted versus having to fight for our spot back. If you don't know the end of the tour for most bands means that there are going to pranks of some kind going on. Generally it's just during one song, but Hanson always takes it to the next level. At the end of the tour in 2009 they had a pinata on stage, silly stringed a band, taped a band member to his guitar and mic stand, put meat all over a vegan, and messed with the sound board. Most bands don't really retaliate because they generally get locked out of back stage during Hanson's set by their crew members (yet another prank). I was rather disappointed nothing super crazy happened to Rooney during their set, and not really much happened with Hanson either. The choreographer from the music video, came up on stage and danced and there was some picking up and spinning of people, and some swinging from the rafters, but really nothing too crazy happened.

The show was awesome though. I mean, it was in their hometown, and they always always do great there.  

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