Tuesday, December 7, 2010

In July one of my room mates went to an open practice with Oklahoma City Roller Derby.

Soon she was encouraging me to go to the next open practice. When the end of August rolled around I did just that. I went to the farmer's market with a mouth guard and I paid $5 and I rented skates and pads and a helmet. I had no idea what I was in for. There was about 10 of us in total part of the new recruit practice. We went upstairs where there was a small opened area with a couple of coaches, and we worked on falls and stops. We worked on standing on our skates without falling and skating without hurting yourself. Most of us were skating at about a snail's pace, but we all ended up making it out alive of the 3 hour practice.

When I got home I was so sore. My entire body hurt unlike it had ever hurt before in my life. Me and my room mate Lisa kept at it though. We started running, going to the skating rink a couple evenings a week and just working out to get in derby shape. We both started improving and my love for derby started to grow.

In November we both tried out for the 2011 Oklahoma City Roller Derby teams. Lisa ended up making the C team--- aka Fresh Meat-- Storm Chasers. They don't compete in bouts, but they are almost ready to. I ended up making new recruits, which I'm totally fine with. I know I'll get better, it just comes with more practice and determination.

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