Monday, December 6, 2010

I fail at BEDD. I was much too exhausted to blog yesterday. And re-reading my post from Saturday, it was a wise choice not to blog from my phone yesterday.

So I was originally going to blog about the trip to Chicago earlier in the summer, but details escaped me and I decided to talk about my tiredness. I apologize.

On to the Chicago trip. Hanson always plays two back to back shows at the House of Blues there and since it was do-able we decided to go. (After all I already had a ticket purchased when I was in New York) Katie, Samantha and I flew out of Okc Thursday morning. We met up with Miranda who was already there. Jenny came by train later that evening. We explored Chicago. We went to Giordano's with Sarah and the deep dish pizza, we shopped and we found a jazz record store. After a pizza induced coma like sleep we woke up and went to my favorite bagel place ever: Einstein Bagels. Seriously, if you ever pass one, stop and get something it's divine. Michelle, and Laura came down that day and Vanessa also met up with us. This was the first show night. We decided that we didn't want to stand in line and just went in when doors opened. After Rooney played we went to get a picture/talk to them but Katie's camera wasn't working and Hanson was starting. It was fun, we drank, we danced and were so loud-- per normal. After departing with half the group at their hotel, which was directly across from the venue me, Laura, Vanessa and Michelle went to our hotel.

The next day we went shopping with Katie while Jenny, Miranda and Samantha explored Millennium Park and various other Chicago things. While we were at the mall we noticed there were several small girls with their faces painted like hello kitty. We stopped one of the moms to ask where they got the face paint and she directed us to the Sanrio store. When we arrived the workers told us we needed to buy something for $5 to get our face painted. Oh, also hello kitty was there. Vanessa got her face painted like hello kitty, I opted for Kerropi  and Katie got Melody. After leaving the mall and getting ready for the show Vanessa and I decided that we were going to do the Walk with Hanson, in the hello kitty face paint from earlier. Once the walk was done doors were opening and we were let in. We decided this time that we would be in the crowd. The show was great, again. People commented on our make up and were confused, but we have a running joke of having our faces painted during Hanson shows. We left after the show and left early the next morning.

That was basically the extent of the trip. I need to blog shortly after events happen or I won't remember it as well as I would like to. I didn't mention that we went to sprinkles, or that we saw where they were filming 'Transformers 3'. Or the fact that we walked all over downtown Chicago at night and it was beautiful. Here's some pictures to make up for my forgetfulness.

love, Lauren

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  1. Hey, that's a great shot of Hanson bowing. Wonder who took it...? ;)