Friday, December 3, 2010

So last night as I was about to go to sleep I decided to check twitter one more time. I noticed an unusual amount of tweets from my friends Vanessa, Miranda, and Krista. Their tweets all had the hash tags (#) #tourstories. Some of the following tweets included:

Vayantos: Two words: Hello. Kitty. #tourstories #Chicago. #Hanson

@thegoodgroupie Watching at @lwashburn2 bust her ass to steal a @ournameisfun set list from a 16 year old. #tourstories

@vonvett Feeling like you're on a teen horror movie on a bus ride back to beantown. #busgotlost #guysinbackwouldhavegottenkilledofffirst #tourstories

Then some other friends, Katie, Michelle, Samantha and Kira became involved as well and we all became nostalgic. It really brought a huge smile on my face and I was laughing thinking back at some of the insane things that happened while we were "on tour." I say on tour because it always seems like we are in fact on tour and not just there for a show. I have yet to experience the extreme nature of following a tour with another fan base like Hanson. It sounds crazy, and I've mentioned it a couple of times before about how dedicated Hanson fans are, but it's really true.

Going through other people's tweets made me realize that other people do feel the same way about live music/seeing a band numerous times as I do. I can't quiet put my finger on why,I love live music so much, but I think it has something to do with the fact that I can be a dancing goddess, and scream sing all the words and no one will judge. (Well, some do, but I don't pay attention to them anyway)

Just for fun I'll include some more #tourstories tweets.

@Michelley 327: Halloween in Houston. #tourstories

@YestersdaysNewss I MISS TOUR!

@Lwashburn2 "1000 girls they want the song..." #tourstories

@YesterdaysNewss Sneaking into balcony at SoCo and dancing front row with a 12 year old and @lwashburn2 during 'punk rock princess' #tourstories

@YesterdaysNewss Singing on stage with @Sherwood in Tulsa. #tourstories

@MissKiraES Going to cry reading all these tour stories.

Have you ever seen a band multiple times on the same tour? If so who?


  1. There is nothing I enjoy more than swapping tour stories when we all get together. ♥

  2. Tour Stories!! I will remember these for the rest of my life. Some of my best times/ favorite memories are from being on tour.